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Welcome to , your #1 fan blog resource for the Washington Capitals rookie sensation, Alexander Ovechkin. At our Alexander Ovechkin fan blog, you will find recent Alexander Ovechkin news, and lots of information, a biography, pictures, carrer stats, wallpaper, memorabilia, and much more! Alexander Ovechkin videos are coming soon.

Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin is a professional hockey player for the NHL’s Washington Capitals . He is the son of Tatiana and Mikhail Ovechkin and was born on September 17 , 1985 in Moscow , Russian SFSR , USSR (now Moscow , Russia ). His mother, Tatiana, won two Olympic gold medals while competing for the Soviet basketball team in the 1976 Summer Olympics at Montreal and in 1980 at Moscow.

The first signs of the Ovechkin’s future came when he was a child. At the age of two, in a Soviet toy store, Alexander grabbed a toy stick and helmet and refused to let go. His parents treasure the picture to this day. As a small child, whenever he saw a hockey game on TV, he “threw all his toys” and ran to the TV. He “protested strongly” if his parents tried to change the channel. His parents say they knew he would be an athlete when Alexander chose to run up the steps to their apartment rather than take the elevator.

He began playing hockey at the age of 7. Soon after he began, however, he had to postpone his hockey career because his parents were unable to take him to the rink. But one of Ovechkin’s coaches saw Ovechkin’s talent and communicated to his parents that he should continue to play hockey. Ovechkin’s brother, Sergei, who later died in a car accident, saw that Alexander loved hockey and insisted that he be allowed to return. Ovechkin resumed playing a few months later and never looked back.

Because he has studied at the Military Institute for Border Guards , he apparently does not have to serve in the military in Russia. Military duty is supposed to be “compulsory” in Russia, but it is so in name only and is enforced selectively rather than uniformly; for instance, young Russian star Ilya Kovalchuk has never served in the military, while Ukrainian -born Nikolai Zherdev was forced to go to arbitration court in Switzerland because Russian authorities claimed he had to serve in the military. Apparently Ovechkin will not have to face these circumstances.

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Reader's Comments

  1. |

    Овечкин когда нибудь играл под 11-ым номером?

  2. |

    Нет, Александр Овечкин играет под номером «8», как его мама Татьяна Овечкина.

  3. |

    Happy birthday to you Alex Ovechkin! My name is Vlad, I’m Russian boy 8 years old living in Canada. Try your best in hockey. I’m playing hockey too and I’m very fast too. I have 2K10 NHL game for PS3 with you picture. I also have a book with your pictures. I’m watching only Capitals NHL games. You are my best best best best hockey player!

  4. |

    ну, похоже “8″ это счастливое семейное число..и правильно!

  5. |

    Hey Ovi, long time no see i was just wondering if you could come up to my school next week to come and do a play i am you biggest fan i think your the best but if you came it would make me so happy but NYWAY see you!

  6. |

    Hey Ovi, how’s it going. Can you please sign an autograph for me? I don’t care if it’s on a gold bar, or a piece of paper(although my real preference would be a broken hockey stick, used by you). So please, if you see, or consider this, my address is 204 Valley View Road Karlstad, MN 56732.

  7. |

    если цыфру ‘8′ повернуть на 90 градусов, получится знак ‘бесконечность’… а неисчерпаемая энергия - это то, что надо:)

  8. |

    Александр скажи своему тупому наставнику Бурдо или Бурда, что никогда нельзя занимать в конференции высокие места перед плей-офф!!! Миллионы людей ставят деньги на сильнейшую команду. Эти деньги потом будут работать против вас же самих. Заметь, кроме тебя и Бэки никто в команде не играл. Потому что все было проплачено!!! Сотни миллионов долларов умные дяди положили себе в карман, а для тебя трагедия. Следующий раз будьте умнее. Берите пример с Детройта.

  9. |

    your my best hockey player. can i have your autograph.your the best!!!!!!

  10. |

    hi, what can i say ur the best and soooo sexy , i think im in
    :) Im from Slovakia, i love ice hockey .. Im watching IIHF in Germany and even we /slovakian team/ just finished, im gonna watch it till the end coz i really enjoy watch to Russian team..
    so good luck

  11. |


  12. |

    Hi Ovi,
    your the best. you probobly dont remember, but me, my brother and my Grandma met you once at Hockey Experts in Montreal. He was very distraught because he had recently been diagnosed with a very rare life threatening disease, so we thought coming to see you would make him happy. it really did and even to this day when people are talking about how much you rock, he is always there to say: I MET HIM! I MET HIM! AND HES SUPER COOL! my parents also met you when you came to Montreal last season with David. your super cool. keep giving it all you got and score lots of goals.

  13. |

    Alexander Ovechkin should transition like Dino Ciccarelli and assist.This is great for a playmaker and cross ice pass is a must for playmaker.30 goals and 40 are excellent for assisters.Larry Murphy used to assist and Mike Ridley.Act more defensive in his game Selke trophy.Slapshots from a center especially a playmaker.

  14. |

    Здравствуйте, Александр.
    Я хотела бы узнать адрес вашей электронной почты, если это возможно. Заранее благодарю.

  15. |

    Александр! У меня есть мысль по поводу конструкции клюшки с целю увеличения скорости полета шайбы. Авось пригодится? email прилагается.

  16. |

    Alexander Ovechkin should go to his Dad in Chicago.Mike Keenan or Dr.Jeeva.Alex to be a Blackhawk as his Dad back in 1989-1993.Mike Keenan and Swedish soccer league 1980’s.Alex traded for Toews.

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